This is my life. My kids bring me the greatest joy in life and I can not and will not stop taking photos of them. Thousands and thousands of images later and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have these beautiful people in my life. My family is my true love.

Day With Little Ant

I have thousands of photos of Ant doing all kinds of sweet, cute, insane and funny things. Small moments from the early days of his life. But I didn’t have a day of his life from start to finish. A full day from the moment he wok up to the moment I had to bribe his to go to bed.

I am lucky enough to have a day or 2 during the week where I get Anthony all to myself. Just Ant and me with no set plans for the day. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The kid’s personality is unreal. Deana and I often sit across the table from each other in the living room and watch as Ant does his thing. We’ll look up at each other smiling with our eyes wide open thinking, “what did he just say” or “where did he learn that!’

During the days we have together we love to play, get outside, get a little crazy, laugh, hug, roll in the grass, go to the park, go for walks, etc.

Anthony is the love of my life! I though this would be a nice way to look back on the early days of my boy. He will be 2 in November and time is surely flying by. I wanted a way to look back and say, think was Ant! These were the days that we rolled around shirtless, laughed, made funny faces, ate like slobs and got lost in our imaginations. These were the days where we didn’t worry, we just did it and had fun no matter what.

Anthony, you make me laugh, smile, cry, sing, dance and act like a kid again. Thank you for being my best buddy. You always will be. I love you.


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